Feeling stuck or just confused about the next steps in manifesting your dreams?

I can help you:

Clarify what you are wanting to create in your life

Overcome self doubts and fears that get in the way

Reprogram subconscious limitations that hold you back

Stop struggling to try to make things happen

Open the flow of abundance into your life

Become more magnetic to your desires

Utilize the power of your Greater Self to create a life you love!


Consider these three options:


Option One: Free 30 Minute Abundance Coaching Session

Schedule a free, confidential 30 minute Abundance Coaching Session to begin clarifying what you want to create, clearing old limitations, and opening the door to a more joyful and abundant future.

Option Two: 60 Minute Abundance Coaching Session

Identify and clear whatever stands in the way of you opening to greater abundance and actualizing your dreams. Learn how to direct the power of your consciousness, tune into your intuition, align with your Greater Self, and take the real-world steps necessary to manifest positive changes in yourself, your relationships, your lifestyle, your career, and/or your finances. Cost is 150 dollars.

Option Three:  Personalized Abundance Guided Meditation

Guided meditations are one of the most powerful ways of changing ourselves and our lives by working from the inside-out. Receive your own, personalized guided meditation to assist you in manifesting what you desire easily, without struggle.

Feel more connected to your Greater Self and allow its wisdom, power, and love to guide and support you as you journey towards greater self-actualization and the expression of your fullest potential.

We begin with a 45 minute interview to clarify how you want to benefit from listening to the guided meditation I create for you. Then, within seven days, an mp3 file of your personalized guided meditation (up to 25 minutes long) is delivered to your email inbox. Cost is 150 dollars.

Other questions? Feel free to contact me here.