Interested in booking a personal consultation?

Consider these three options:


Option One: Free 30 Minute Coaching Consultation

Questions? Uncertain about your next steps in removing internal roadblocks to moving forward? Schedule a free, confidential 30 minute consultation to discuss your goals, gain clarity, and explore some ways you can clear the way to the realization of your dreams!

Option Two: 60 Minute Coaching Consultation

Identify and clear the mental and emotional blocks which stand in the way of you accomplishing your goals. Align with your Greater Self to access the wisdom, motivation, courage, and clarity that is available to you from within. Identify possible action steps to propel you in the direction of your desires. Transcend old limitations as you allow a New You to emerge! Cost is 150 dollars.

Option Three:  Personalized Guided Meditation

Reprogram your subconscious to change easily, without struggle. Whether you desire to be more self-confident and self-accept, start a new, healthy habit, feel less anxious and worried, enjoy more refreshing sleep, or strengthen your intuition, guided meditations can help. We begin with a 45 minute interview to clarify how you want to benefit from listening to the guided meditation I create for you. Then, within seven days, an mp3 file of your personalized guided meditation (up to 25 minutes long) is delivered to your email inbox. Cost is 150 dollars.

Other questions? You can contact me here.