Is Your Inner Critic Driving You Crazy?

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Are you tired of hearing your Inner Critic tell you that you aren't good enough?

Do you long to quiet that voice in your head that is forever criticizing and berating you, no matter what you do? 

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Here are the Five Lessons to Dial Down Your Critic's Control Over Your Life!

  • Lesson One: Six Things You Should Know About Your Inner Critic
  • Lesson Two: The Big Lie Your Inner Critic Is Telling You
  • Lesson Three: Stop Identifying With the Negative Voice Within
  • Lesson Four: Gain the Cooperation of Your Critic
  • Lesson Five: Boost Your Level of Self-Compassion


Use the free workbook to track your progress on the day's action assignment. 


A Word From Dr. Eve Delunas:

There is a saying that we always teach what we need to learn. I have been working on my own Inner Critic for decades! Although it isn't nearly as potent today as it was years ago, I still need to practice what I teach to keep it "in check."

In my 35 plus years as a practicing psychotherapist and coach, I have found that dialing down the Inner Critic can have a profound, positive effect on our levels of motivation and inspiration, our creativity, our ability to achieve our goals, and our overall level of wellbeing.

Begin today to change your relationship with the negative voice within so it no longer has the power to hold you back from living the life you desire!

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