Are you feeling stuck?

Is there a change you want to make—perhaps in your health and wellbeing, lifestyle, career, finances, or relationships—and every time you take a step forward, you end up taking two steps back? 


Do you sometimes feel paralyzed with self-doubts, fears, or self-criticism?

Do you frequently worry about the future or dwell on past regrets?

Do you often compare yourself to others and judge yourself as "not good enough?"

Do you replay past failures in your mind and conclude that if you try again, you are likely to fail once more?

It is likely that the source of these self-imposed limitations lies in your subconscious—the part of you that controls 95 percent of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


The key to liberating yourself from these negative patterns is to clear the limiting thoughts and feelings that are programmed in your subconscious mind.

Photo by Polina Shuvaeva.

Photo by Polina Shuvaeva.

Recent findings in neuroscience reveal where these subconscious patterns originate and what we can do to change them.

New Science, New Brain, New You provides step-by-step instructions to reprogram your subconscious mind and remove mental and emotional barriers to change.

Learn how to create new brain pathways by using proven methods based upon the latest neuroscience research.

I wrote ‘New Science, New Brain, New You’ after seeing too many people in my 35 year psychotherapy practice who were still being hampered by fears, self-doubts, and negative self-judgment despite years of trying to change. It became my mission to find ways of helping that got to the root of the problem. The solutions I discovered worked so well, that I decided to write this book to ‘spread the word’ so others could benefit from this practical and effective approach to self-healing.
— Dr. Eve Delunas

 Available in softcover ($16.95) and Kindle ($9.83) formats

 Available in softcover ($16.95) and Kindle ($9.83) formats

The 25 do-it-yourself exercises in New Science, New Brain, New You are designed to help you: 

  • Liberate yourself from paralyzing worries, self-doubts, and fears;

  • Feel inspired, motivated, and energized to take positive action;

  • Establish a clearer connection to your inner guidance;

  • Dissolve inner blocks to the attainment of your goals; and,

  • Activate a new, more confident, empowered, and creative you!

This book is a treasure! Dr. Delunas sheds light on why it is so difficult for us to make changes in our old patterns of thinking and behaving. The good news is that she provides her readers with simple and effective methods and techniques aimed at re-wiring our brains and freeing us to develop new modes of acting and being. I have been practicing them for the past months, and can see the results unfolding.
— M. Ebert, Counselor

About Eve:

  • Life coach
  • PhD in Psychology
  • Licensed psychotherapist for over 35 years
  • Conducts workshops and trainings internationally
  • Author of Survival Games Personalities Play
  • Former Graduate Counseling Professor at five universities