Can You Relate?

You know in your head that you are worthy of what you desire, but deep inside, you feel undeserving.

Despite your best efforts to change, you often put yourself down, judge yourself as "not good enough," or sabotage your success and happiness.

You have been using affirmations and positive thinking to try to attract what you want, with little or no success.

All of these are signs that you may have subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


One key to opening the flow of abundance is to clear limitations that lie beneath the surface, in your subconscious.


The latest research in neuroscience has revealed it is our subconscious mind that is actually "running the show" 95 percent of the time.

Many of us hold negative, limiting beliefs that were encoded in our brains before we had the capacity to question their validity.

Some common subconscious limiting beliefs are: "I am not worthy," "I am unlovable," "I am not good enough," and "I must struggle to get what I want."

We operate on the basis of our subconscious beliefs as if they are the truth about us! 

Our limiting core beliefs distort how we see ourselves and others, and prevent us from embracing and expressing our true selves!

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Hi, I'm Eve!

My passion is in helping you reprogram your subconscious mind to clear old limitations and open to greater abundance! 

  • I offer practical, do-it-yourself methods you can use with or without the assistance of a coach or counselor.
  • I teach you how to work with your subconscious to dissolve negative, limiting beliefs and more easily attract what you are wanting into your life.
  • My teachings are based on the latest research in neuroscience.
  • I am confident these methods work, because I have used them successfully with scores of psychotherapy and coaching clients for the past 35 years with terrific results.

What would you like to change?


Help me identify the subconscious mental blocks that are holding me back!

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Help me dial down my Inner Critic and treat myself with greater compassion!


Help me clear subconscious limitations and ignite my dreams!

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It may sound dramatic, but I can truly say, if I were stranded on a desert island and could choose ten books, one of them would be Eve Delunas’s ‘New Science, New Brain, New You.’
— Jenny Garrison, RN , Professional Imagery Guide

Discover how to use the latest findings in neuroscience to reprogram your subconscious beliefs.